Fortune Box


Bringing you good luck and good cheer with our Fortune Box! Perfect as a gift for your family and friends this Chinese New Year.


  • What’s included:

x1 CNY Greeting Card


Pineapple Tart 凤梨酥

Brings you the extra cuteness in the shape of mandarin orange with fragrant pineapple filling.


Matcha German Cookie 抹茶酥饼

For every fan of matcha, this is specially made for you! This will make your new year so MATCHA better.


  • Collection/Delivery dates:
    • 23rd January (Saturday), 5pm
    • 30th January (Saturday), 5pm
    • 6th February (Saturday), 5pm
    • 10th February (Wednesday), 5pm

*Delivery time: 4pm to 6pm