From: RM92.00

From: RM92.00

Our refined rendition of the beloved Italian classic – Tiramisu, is meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and intricate layers that leaves a trail of pure delight with each blissful bite.


Savour the fluffy, espresso-loaded genoise layers nestled within the velvety, melt-in-your-mouth Italian mascarpone mousse. The delightful balance of sweetness in the mascarpone mousse harmonizes with the robust notes of espresso, offering you a tantalizing contrast with subtle hints of tartness. The addition of the dark chocolate praline feuilletine imparts a delicate crunch that perfectly complements the creamy and caffeinated elements of the cake. To add a touch of grandeur, the Tiramisu cake is wrapped around in a layer of tempered dark chocolate, adorned with a dusting of shimmering gold.


For the alcoholic version of Tiramisu, the genoise sponge cakes are soaked in Baileys espresso for an exquisite infusion of richness and decadence. Enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of our Baileys Tiramisu, where the indulgence of Baileys Irish Cream meets the timeless allure of a classic dessert.


Size: 6″ (serves 8-10)


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